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[ dis-i-loo-zhuhn-muhnt ]


  1. the loss or destruction of illusions or idealistic beliefs; the state of having lost such illusions or beliefs:

    Her bitterness and disillusionment were complete when he refused to investigate the corruption she reported because he was in business with some of the people involved.

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Example Sentences

The hype cycle can help marketers push past looming disillusionment with identityIn considering where our industry currently sits with identity solutions, the Gartner Hype Cycle proves instructive.

From Digiday

Predictably, the industry has been existing within the peak of inflated expectations this past year, and thus, it’s now on the cusp of Gartner’s famed “trough of disillusionment.”

From Digiday

Many traced their disillusionment to how the pandemic exposed and magnified the broken parts of America’s health-care system.

Part of the liberal disillusionment in the 1970s, he said, arose from the unfulfilled promises of the 1960s.

Faith in a brighter future kept me clocking into kitchens despite growing disillusionment.

From Eater

Whichever party attacks that problem can help shake us free of our disillusionment with democracy.

The people of Donetsk are clinging to normality, trying to enjoy the spring, but their anger, disillusionment and fear runs deep.

Yet Greece was both inspiration and disillusionment for the poet.

Even by American standards, it was a moment of extravagant uneasiness, disillusionment, and mania.

Gavison is one of many Israeli liberals who drifted right in disillusionment after the second intifada.

Disillusionment cut him to the quick, but had no power to obscure his rosy views of human nature.

Well, you might get it if you tried hard enough, and then only find discontent and disillusionment.

I carefully noted the street and the house, and went away, but not home—I was conscious of a sort of disillusionment.

There would be disillusionment ahead for her, and bitter awakening from long-wrapping dreams.

They are the means by which the age records its feelings of disillusionment.