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[ dis-join-tid ]


  1. having the joints or connections separated:

    a disjointed fowl.

  2. a disjointed discourse.

    Synonyms: unorganized, chaotic, confused, rambling

  3. Entomology. disjunct ( def 3 ).


/ dɪsˈdʒɔɪntɪd /


  1. having no coherence; disconnected
  2. separated at the joint
  3. dislocated

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Derived Forms

  • disˈjointedness, noun
  • disˈjointedly, adverb

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Other Words From

  • dis·jointed·ly adverb
  • dis·jointed·ness noun
  • undis·jointed adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of disjointed1

First recorded in 1580–90; disjoint + -ed 2

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Example Sentences

With such disjointed efforts, it’s no surprise that no consensus has surfaced.

The current ideas suggest the first system will miss, and the midweek threat looks disjointed for much in the way of snow.

Though I felt invested by the sheer strangeness of the story at first, it later becomes disjointed and lacks direction, much like the gameplay itself.

That some jurisdictions aren’t ordering all available vaccine while others beg for more goes to the heart of the disjointed immunization effort underway in the United States.

That is one of the goals that we have because they’re all over the place, they’re disjointed and that prevents us from moving forward.

From Eater

The Obama administration is finally looking to fix its disjointed efforts to handle U.S. hostages.

As the United States becomes more and more disjointed, an increasing number of Americans favors abandoning the Union altogether.

It affects about 10 percent of patients, though the writing is often disjointed and difficult to read.

The possibilities are endless, and weirdly reassuring in these disjointed and murky times.

Over the past decade, the movement has grown organically online into a confederacy of somewhat disjointed causes.

Coronado spurred his horse down the rough, disjointed, slippery declivity, and the others followed.

As it was, the three were lolling in lazy attitudes, smoking their long-stemmed pipes and talking in a disjointed fashion.

For ofttimes he does sink into a deep reverie; and disjointed words break from him, which tell me whither his thoughts have flown.

Every few feet he stopped to shout disjointed explanations or profanity into Pelham's ear.

One man has a hump;—another can hardly see out of his imperfect eyes;—a third can barely utter a few disjointed words.


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