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[ dis-loj ]

verb (used with object)

, dis·lodged, dis·lodg·ing.
  1. to remove or force out of a particular place:

    to dislodge a stone with one's foot.

  2. to drive out of a hiding place, a military position, etc.

verb (used without object)

, dis·lodged, dis·lodg·ing.
  1. to go from a place of lodgment.


/ dɪsˈlɒdʒ /


  1. to remove from or leave a lodging place, hiding place, or previously fixed position

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Derived Forms

  • disˈlodgment, noun

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Other Words From

  • dis·lodgment especially British, dis·lodgement noun
  • undis·lodged adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of dislodge1

1400–50; late Middle English disloggen < Old French desloger, equivalent to des- dis- 1 + loger to lodge

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Example Sentences

Ahead of that low, winds from the south would tend to try to dislodge the cold that will have entered the region Saturday.

Rivers isn’t worthy of enshrinement in Canton, and voting him in would dislodge the bar quarterbacks in the modern era must clear to become Hall of Famers.

The Capitol riot and tech firms' sweeping attempt in its wake to dislodge the online far right are kicking up efforts to have the courts settle knotty questions about online speech and power.

From Axios

It looks promising, but I worry slightly that the socket itself will get caught on the edge of a pocket and dislodge itself.

Remove the sides of the pan from the cake, running a knife around the edge again to dislodge it, if necessary.

No amount of student outrage or protest could dislodge him from this position.

Shakor, the Taliban commander, admitted those paramilitaries would be tough to dislodge.

The longer people think that Romney is acceptable, the harder it will be to dislodge the idea.

But for all the advantages Assad has handed to them, they cannot dislodge his second-string units from the city.

Paramedics had to remove several ribs to dislodge the sword, which pierced his chest and was left sticking out of his back.

Macdonald attempted, by a combined frontal attack and a turning movement, to dislodge them.

During the next and following days French counter-attacks failed to dislodge the enemy.

Still, thinking it would be an easy matter to dislodge the patriots, they joyfully prepared for the battle.

He also informed me that their object that day had been to dislodge us.

But Tharn only tightened his hold, waiting grimly as the efforts to dislodge him became increasingly weaker.