[ dis-ri-mem-ber ]
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verb (used with object)Southern and South Midland U.S.
  1. to fail to remember; forget.

Origin of disremember

First recorded in1805–15; dis-1 + remember

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How to use disremember in a sentence

  • Tooby suah I ain't disremember dat ar knocker o' yourn—not oncet in twenty yeah.

    The Open Question | Elizabeth Robins
  • Dont disremember to say something nice about his writin to tell yer if he gits safe home, and so, and so.

    Nelly's First Schooldays | Josephine Franklin
  • Ye disremember how shy she was, Olly, in them days, for ye was too young to notice.

    Gabriel Conroy | Bert Harte
  • Shure, dear, I do be havin so many worries that I disremember.

    In Wild Rose Time | Amanda M. Douglas
  • I can't—I disremember—what you said jus' now: ye mentioned the name o' that prodigal that was found.

British Dictionary definitions for disremember


/ (ˌdɪsrɪˈmɛmbə) /

  1. informal, mainly US to fail to recall (someone or something)

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