/ (ˈdɪsəlˌbʊəm) /

  1. Southern African the main haulage shaft of a wagon or cart

Origin of disselboom

from Afrikaans dissel shaft + boom beam

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How to use disselboom in a sentence

  • You can hardly take up a paper anywhere without seeing a paragraph headed ‘The disselboom again.’

    The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley | Bertram Mitford
  • “Now I am ready,” he said, rising and strolling over to the waggon, where he seated himself on the disselboom.

    The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley | Bertram Mitford
  • Then we all went, leaving Henri Marais still cutting up his tobacco on the disselboom.

    Marie | H. Rider Haggard
  • Slipping quickly over the driver's seat, he dropped between the two "wheelers" to the disselboom, or tongue, of the trek wagon.

    Real Soldiers of Fortune | Richard Harding Davis
  • The oxen are not yet made fast to the disselboom for the night, and one of my natives is away to collect them.

    The Induna's Wife | Bertram Mitford