[ dis-tl-fingk ]
/ ˈdɪs tlˌfɪŋk /


a stylized bird motif traditional in Pennsylvania German art.

Origin of distelfink

standard German spelling for Pennsylvania German dischdelfink goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis), equivalent to dischdel thistle + fink finch
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Word Origin and History for distelfink



Pennsylvania Dutch ornamental bird design, from German Distelfink "goldfinch," literally "thistle-finch," from Old High German distilvinko, from distil "thistle" (see thistle) + Old High German finco "finch," from PIE *(s)ping- "sparrow, finch" (see finch). The bird so called because it feeds on thistle seeds. Cf. Old French chardonel "goldfinch," from chardon "thistle."

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