[ dih-stil ]
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verb (used with or without object),dis·tilled, dis·til·ling.
  1. Chiefly British. a variant of distill.

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US distill

/ (dɪsˈtɪl) /

verb-tils, -tills, -tilling or -tilled
  1. to subject to or undergo distillation: See also rectify (def. 2)

  2. (sometimes foll by out or off) to purify, separate, or concentrate, or be purified, separated, or concentrated by distillation

  1. to obtain or be obtained by distillation: to distil whisky

  2. to exude or give off (a substance) in drops or small quantities

  3. (tr) to extract the essence of as if by distillation

Origin of distil

C14: from Latin dēstillāre to distil, from de- + stillāre to drip

Derived forms of distil

  • distillable, adjective

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