[ dih-strawt ]
/ dɪˈstrɔt /


distracted; deeply agitated.
mentally deranged; crazed.

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Origin of distraught

1350–1400; Middle English variant of obsolete distract distracted, by association with straught, old past participle of stretch

Related formsdis·traught·ly, adverbo·ver·dis·traught, adjectiveun·dis·traught, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for distraught


/ (dɪˈstrɔːt) /


distracted or agitated
rare mad

Word Origin for distraught

C14: changed from obsolete distract through influence of obsolete straught, past participle of stretch

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Word Origin and History for distraught



late 14c., alteration (Englishing) of earlier distract (perhaps by association with other past participle forms in -ght, such as caught, bought, brought), mid-14c., past participle of distracten "derange the intellect of, drive mad" (see distract).

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