distress signal


a signal used, or designed to be used, by persons in peril, for the purpose of summoning aid, indicating their position, etc., as a radio code sign, aerial flare, flag hoist, or the like.Compare distress call(def 1).
an indication, especially a nonverbal one, that assistance, cooperation, or the like, is needed: He correctly interpreted the host's upturned eyes as a distress signal and hastily changed the subject.

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Origin of distress signal

First recorded in 1870–75

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Examples from the Web for distress signal

  • And it would appear to those to whom he reported that he'd arrived too late at the distress-signal.

    Operation Terror|William Fitzgerald Jenkins

British Dictionary definitions for distress signal

distress signal


a signal by radio, Very light, etc from a ship or other vessel in need of immediate assistance
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