[ dit-erz-dawrf; German dit-uhrs-dawrf ]
/ ˈdɪt ərzˌdɔrf; German ˈdɪt ərsˌdɔrf /


Karl Dit·ters von [kahrl dit-uhrs fuh n] /kɑrl ˈdɪt ərs fən/, 1739–99, Austrian violinist and composer.

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Examples from the Web for dittersdorf

  • The name is not mentioned, but the general opinion is that Dittersdorf was the instructor.

    Haydn|J. Cuthbert Hadden
  • Very different was the career of Dittersdorf, who came to Berlin in July of the same year.

  • In 1794, Dittersdorf wrote the same number of like dances for the large hall, and Eybler for the small.

  • Mozart's victorious rival was Dittersdorf, whose comic operas were played in Berlin to crowded audiences.