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adjective, dit·zi·er, dit·zi·est.
  1. ditsy.
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or dit·zy

adjective, dit·si·er, dit·si·est. Slang.
  1. flighty and easily confused; mildly or harmlessly eccentric.
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Origin of ditsy

1975–80; expressive coinage, perhaps with elements of dotty1 and dizzy; cf. -sy
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Related Words

bemused, dizzy, gaga, skittish, woozy, crazy, wacky, kooky, nutty, flaky, stupid, idiotic, dopey, weird, foolish, brainless, capricious, careless, changeable, empty-headed

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adjective -zier, -ziest, -sier or -siest
  1. slang silly and scatterbrained
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Word Origin

C20: perhaps from dotty + dizzy
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Word Origin and History for ditzy


also ditsy, "stupid, scatterbrained" (especially of women), by 1973, U.S. slang, of unknown origin; one guess is that it is related to earlier U.S. black slang dicty (1926) "conceited, snobbish," also of unknown origin, but the sense is very difficult. The noun ditz (1982) appears to be a back-formation.

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