[ dih-vur-tuh-men-toh; Italian dee-ver-tee-men-taw ]
/ dɪˌvɜr təˈmɛn toʊ; Italian diˌvɛr tiˈmɛn tɔ /

noun, plural di·ver·ti·men·tos, di·ver·ti·men·ti [dih-vur-tuh-men-tee Italian dee-ver-tee-men-tee] /dɪˌvɜr təˈmɛn ti Italian diˌvɛr tiˈmɛn ti/. Music.

an instrumental composition in several movements, light and diverting in character, similar to a serenade.

Origin of divertimento

1750–60; < Italian, equivalent to diverti(re) to divert + -mento -ment
Also called divertissement.
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/ (dɪˌvɜːtɪˈmɛntəʊ) /

noun plural -ti (-tɪ)

a piece of entertaining music in several movements, often scored for a mixed ensemble and having no fixed form
an episode in a fugue

Word Origin for divertimento

C18: from Italian
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