[ div-ee-div-ee ]
/ ˈdɪv iˈdɪv i /

noun, plural div·i-div·is, div·i-div·i.

a tropical American shrub or small tree, Caesalpinia coriaria, of the legume family, the astringent pods of which are used in tanning and dyeing.
the related species C. spinosa.
the pods of either plant.



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Origin of divi-divi

1825–35; <Spanish <Carib
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Example sentences from the Web for divi-divi

  • Algarobilla and divi-divi are the fruit pods of several species of American csalpina.

    Animal Proteins|Hugh Garner Bennett
  • Oakwood and quebracho extracts, and divi-divi or algarobilla.

    Leather|K. J. Adcock
  • Divi-Divi (caesalpinia coriaria) is the dried pods of a Central American tree.

    Leather|K. J. Adcock
  • Divi-divi resembles a dried pea-shuck curled up, filled with yellow powder, and a few dark brown seeds.

British Dictionary definitions for divi-divi

/ (ˌdɪvɪˈdɪvɪ) /

noun plural -divis or -divi

a tropical American leguminous tree, Caesalpinia coriaria
the pods of this plant, which yield a substance used in tanning leather

Word Origin for divi-divi

C19: from Spanish, of Cariban origin
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