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[ dih-vahy-did ]


  1. separated; separate.
  2. shared; apportioned.
  3. (of a leaf ) cut into distinct portions by incisions extending to the midrib or base.


/ dɪˈvaɪdɪd /


  1. botany another word for dissected
  2. split; not united
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Derived Forms

  • diˈvidedly, adverb
  • diˈvidedness, noun
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Other Words From

  • di·vided·ly adverb
  • di·vided·ness noun
  • quasi-di·vided adjective
  • quasi-di·vided·ly adverb
  • self-di·vided adjective
  • semi·di·vided adjective
  • undi·vided adjective
  • well-di·vided adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of divided1

First recorded in 1555–65; divide + -ed 2
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Example Sentences

The end result is a more divided electorate, fueled by fear about how they are going to survive in an American future that gives the have’s more and the have-not’s less, with less prospect of moving from one group to the other.

From Time

The important thing is that it is a serious-looking book and a strong visual, at a time when what this wounded and divided nation needs, more than ever, is strong visuals.

On most issues, Democrats and Republicans remain deeply divided.

I’ll be 58 soon and I’ve never seen the country like it is right now, so divided.

Their bill found its way through Congress at a divided moment, when Ronald Reagan had just won election but Jimmy Carter was still in office.

From Fortune

The eating disorder field remains divided over the potential efficacy of such measures.

If you look at the history, you can really understand why the parties are so divided and why the public is so split.

Divided and drained by war, Syrian Christians are determined to celebrate for the first time in four years.

For the past 25 years, a massive civil war has literally divided the country into two separate entities.

The problem is that the Democrats are more divided on the “how” of doing this than they are on any other single question.

The product is then multiplied by the number of cubic centimeters voided in twenty-four hours and divided by 1000.

And a severe, embittered struggle then took place in a heart that seemed strangely divided against itself.

He chiefly divided his time between the House of Lords and sitting at home, lamenting over his own ill-starred existence.

The generall mayne body of the planters are divided into Officers, Laborers, Farmors.

How often did I then wish myself with my dear Glumdalchtch, from whom one single hour had so far divided me.





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