[ diks ]


  1. Dorothea Lynde [lind], Dorothy, 1802–87, U.S. educator and social reformer.
  2. Otto, 1891–1969, German painter and printmaker.

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Example Sentences

Johnson and Downey acted as security, keeping an eye on cops who they apparently thought would recognize Dix and their group.

Dix, a founding member of the RCP, spoke in a flowing diatribe as we walked amid the crowd that night.

Eric Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party was among them.

First for the Germans, then at Fort Dix I did some camp shows.

Mosaic has a project on its site that offers to fund solar energy for U.S. Military Housing in Fort Dix, NJ.

Ceux qui portoient le bl au moulin, de quinze boisseaux n'en rendoient que douze de farine au lieu de dix-huict.

Les echantillons, au nombre de soixante-dix, nous offrent, 1.

Ce gage d'amitié plus qu'un autre me touche: Un serrement de main vaut dix serments de bouche.

He guesses again, and recklessly: "Dix dollars par semaine; you know—ten dol-lar ever-y week."

Often and often I reflected that some hitch might occur to prevent my getting money promptly from Mr. Dix.





diwanDix, Dorothea