[ dih-zeyn; French dee-zan ]
/ dɪˈzeɪn; French diˈzɛ̃ /

noun Prosody.

a French poem or stanza of ten lines, employing eight or ten syllables to the line and having a specific rhyming pattern, as ababbccdcd.

Origin of dizain

1565–75; < French; Old French dezen, dizain, tenth, tenth part, equivalent to dix ten (< Latin decem) + -ain (probably < Latin -ānum -an, replacing L distributive suffix -ēnum)
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Examples from the Web for dizain

  • In this place we have to do with the opening tale of the Dizain of Queens.

    Chivalry|James Branch Cabell
  • So he made of it the thesis for a dizain of beautiful happenings that are almost flawless in their verbal beauty.

    Chivalry|James Branch Cabell