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Doberman pinscher

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  1. one of a German breed of medium-sized, short-haired dogs having a black, brown, or blue coat with rusty brown markings.
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Origin of Doberman pinscher

1915–20; named after Ludwig Dobermann, 19th-century German, original breeder; pinscher terrier, a pseudo-German coinage, perhaps based on German Pinzgau Austrian district noted for its breeding farms
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Doberman pinscher


  1. a fairly large slender but muscular breed of dog, originally from Germany, with a glossy black-and-tan coat, a short tail, and erect earsAlso spelt: Dobermann
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Word Origin

C19: probably named after L. Dobermann, 19th-century German dog breeder who bred it + Pinscher, a type of terrier, perhaps after Pinzgau, district in Austria
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