dog box


Australian informal a compartment in a railway carriage with no corridor
NZ informal disgrace; disfavour (in the phrase in the dog box)

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Examples from the Web for dog box

Historical Examples of dog box

  • Charles did not, this time, make his journey in the dog-box.

  • That ass must needs go dragging him out of the dog-box or something, that's all.

    The Tree of Knowledge

    Mrs. Baillie Reynolds

  • On one occasion, we went a journey to the sea-shore, and Tawney was put into a dog-box, with several other dogs.

    Live Toys

    Emma Davenport

  • He swung a swag on to the platform, shouldered it, pulled out a billy and water-bag, and then went to a dog-box in the brake van.

  • Flew at the porter fellow when he was put into the dog-box, and flew at the guard when he was taken out.

    Little Dorrit

    Charles Dickens