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  1. (used to express dismay when one has said or done something stupid or when something has gone wrong.)Compare duh.
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Origin of d'oh

1950–55; later popularized by Homer Simpson, character in the animated TV series The Simpsons, who smacks his forehead while saying d'oh!
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Historical Examples

  • "Doh' make no botheration 'bout me, Miss Fa'gut," it said, politely.

  • The major third from doh to me seemed easier than that from fah to lah, and so on.

  • Then make eight large dots on the blackboard, and against the first and eighth of these write doh and doh'.

  • To perform the first exercise the child strikes with a small hammer the first note of the series already arranged (doh).

British Dictionary definitions for doh


noun plural dohs
  1. music (in tonic sol-fa) the first degree of any major scale
  2. up to high doh informal, mainly Scot extremely excited or keyed up
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Word Origin

C18: from Italian; see gamut


  1. informal an exclamation of annoyance when something goes wrong
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abbreviation for (in Britain)
  1. Department of Health
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