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/ ˈduːɪŋz /

plural noun

  1. deeds, actions or events
  2. informal.
    anything of which the name is not known, or euphemistically left unsaid, etc

    have you got the doings for starting the car?

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Example Sentences

All these debates and doings made for juicy news, and the men of the local staff, ably bossed by Callahan, poured it out daily.

And Wall Street, having been remarkably complacent about the doings in Washington—or lack thereof—is starting to get concerned.

The man who haunts Wall Street lives unaware of all the street's doings.

By doings so, Barak discovered that their condition improved.

Which is why everyone is suddenly an expert on the doings of the SEC and on who lost what.

If you carry out your work, your doings shall be told to every human soul within a hundred miles of where you stand.

Believe me when I tell you that I never join Morley in any of his sinful doings, especially his drinking bouts.

Beware therefore that you imitate not the doings of others, and be afraid, and the fear of them should seize upon you.

People lowered their voice, and spoke of him in mysterious tones, when they mentioned his name and told of his doings.

If a man prefers not to speak of himself or of his doings, his enemies will soon invent some tale of their own.