[ doingk ]

  1. a sound or motion like that of something bouncing off a resilient surface or springing upright:You’ve got to hate that “doink” that means the fish just broke your line!

  2. a rude or inconsiderate person, especially one who is also foolish or socially awkward:It's not always easy to tell the difference between clueless doinks who don't mean any harm and disrespectful jerks who know exactly what they're doing.

  1. Football. the action of a football bouncing off the upright portion of a goalpost:One of the season's most competitive battles ended with a ridiculously rare, last-seconds-of-overtime, game-winning doink.

  1. to make, cause to make, or seem to make such a sound or motion:Natalie smacked the start button, flicked the joystick, and let it doink back to center.The quarterback heaved a deep ball into the end zone, only to have it doink off the receiver’s face mask.

  1. (used to represent a sound or movement suggestive of bouncing or springing): If you watch the demolition video backwards, at the very end the antenna on top of the building goes up—doink!

Origin of doink

First recorded in 1950–55; of imitative origin

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