dollar sign


  1. the symbol $ before a number indicating that the number represents dollars.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of dollar sign1

An Americanism dating back to 1855–60

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Example Sentences

The dollar sign icon leads you to the payments hub where you can send and receive money, international remittances, donations, and pay bills.

There were piles of clothes that were little more than strips of fabric, covered in lace and leopard print, rhinestones and dollar signs.

Anytime you put dollar signs and human beings in the same sentence, you have a recipe for disaster.

From Time

Both clients ended up working with us again because we treated them as partners, not just dollar signs.

Most of the growth in the finance industry over the past thirty years has involved putting dollar signs next to new realms of human existence, such as water – or, through futures and other derivatives, on the uncertainties of time itself.

From Fortune

They had intended riding along the Dollar Sign road, past Talpers's and the agency, and back to their camp.

Also she did not like to ride past the hill on the Dollar Sign road, with its hints of unsolved mystery.

All this was printed, except the figures "41,000," even the dollar-sign.

Take, for instance, the dollar sign ($), which every one knows and loves—to a more or less extent.

The Dollar Sign is too far off the main road to admit of that theory.