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[ dohmd ]


  1. shaped like a dome:

    a domed forehead.

  2. having a dome:

    a domed roof.

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Other Words From

  • un·domed adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of domed1

First recorded in 1765–75; dome + -ed 3
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Example Sentences

The Rotunda Room is one of the largest in the cave, and as I stared up, slack-jawed, at its enormous domed ceiling, I overheard a ranger whisper that it’s big enough to hold a 737 aircraft.

Beside it is a circular pattern of square indicator lights showing the uranium fuel assemblies inside the core, deep inside the concrete domed containment building a couple hundred yards away.

From Time

There doesn’t seem to be a bad table in the house, whose sleek but comfortable seats include six stools facing a grand domed pizza oven.

The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is ­double-domed for better readability.

Since the Crew Dragon will not be going to the station, SpaceX is removing its docking collar and replacing it with a domed window—the better to take advantage of that more rarefied view.

From Time

And the chrome-domed 47-year-old has been a sports commentating dynamo from Jump Street.

Our downstairs bathroom is tiny and with his big head (most actors have large domed heads), he will think it even smaller.

Blue mesas poke above the distant horizon line, and a domed courthouse grows larger as you near Marfa.

And what the heck did Rust see in the domed "Carcosa" throne room before Childress leapt from the shadows and stabbed him?

Inside, a massive, domed nave offers individual air conditioning vents for all 7,000 chairs.

The domed roof, in the blaze of light below, looked to be the dim blue vault of the night sky.

The room was large, high-domed; the walls covered with gold and colored enamel in fantastic arabesques.

The ceiling was domed like a sky and painted in sunny Italian scenery.

They had emerged from the forest, and in the moonlight a few domed roofs stood forth staring and pale.

The domed huts within their ring fences shone yellow and picturesque in the sunlight.


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