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domestic partner

[ duh-mes-tik pahrt-ner ]


  1. either member of an unmarried, cohabiting heterosexual or gay couple whose relationship status grants certain legal rights and protections similar to those of spouses.

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Other Words From

  • do·mes·tic part·ner·ship noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of domestic partner1

First recorded in 1975–80

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Example Sentences

Over the past year, Condé employees pushed for — and achieved — a change to its benefits package, including gender reassignment insurance, domestic partner benefits, and a more generous adoption policy.

From Digiday

There’s no feeling more lonely than having a domestic partner with whom one was once intimate, with whom one once had a feeling of trust and connection, and coming home and feeling disconnected from that person.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be engaging with our international and domestic partners to develop a plan for moving forward.

Delurba said Carroll and Jensen separated as domestic partners in the early 1980s but remained business partners and close friends until the time of Jensen’s passing from natural causes in 2007.

A public official must report at least half their spouse or domestic partner’s income as well.

Oh, and “full-time associates can cover any spouse or domestic partner.”

He will continue his support for combatting workplace discrimination and ending the domestic partner tax penalty.

But still, for a sober domestic partner, the new town is no ill companion to the ancient city on the hill.

Somewhat later I made the acquaintance of the domestic partner of the chat family.





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