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[dom-uh-nee, doh-muh-]
noun Obsolete.
  1. lord; master (used as a title of address).
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Origin of domine

vocative of Latin dominus master, lord

domine, dirige nos

[doh-mi-ne, dee-ri-ge nohs; English dom-uh-nee, dir-uh-jee nohs]
  1. Master, guide us: motto of the city of London.
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Examples from the Web for domine

Historical Examples of domine

  • Simultaneously from the chancel came a great cry: "Libera nos, Domine!"

    The Snare

    Rafael Sabatini

  • Finding we were not likely to be interrupted by the domine, Tom took the chair.

    The English Spy

    Bernard Blackmantle

  • Domine Niewenhuyse being sick, there was no preaching yet to-day.

  • Filled with amazement, Peter exclaimed, "Domine, quo vadis?"

    Italian Days and Ways

    Anne Hollingsworth Wharton

  • At length I croaked out, 'Vox faucibus hsit, domine—Vox faucibus hsit.