[ dom-uh-nik ]


  1. Animal Husbandry. Dominique.
  2. a male given name.

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Example Sentences

Fair currently lives in Frederick with his husband Dominick.

In her dissertation research, Dominick found that kids who swam with dolphins showed less anxiety and felt a greater sense of support compared with those who went whale-watching.

This morning, David had a conversation with Sirius XM's Pete Dominick.

She was advised of her rights before being questioned by Dominick Ciccola of an FBI task force.

With the publication of Too Much Money, Dominick Dunne will settle a few last scores from the grave.

Too Much Moneyby Dominick Dunne From the master scribe of high society, one last, incisive novel of foibles and wit.

Everybody talked to Dominick on that Vanity Fair story—children, servants, mistresses, duchesses, and Von Bülow himself.

In Tyrconnel's regiment of horse, Dominick Sheldon appears as lieutenant-colonel.

Father Dominick's people had decidedly need of cork jackets; Father Phil's might drink and be refreshed.

This periodical published in due course a highly eulogistic study of the remarkable career of Sir Dominick Ferrand.

I think, says Dominick the Fryar, it was my good Angel that sent me hither so opportunely.

I wrote you by Captain Dominick who was to sail from Havre about the 20th of this month.





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