[ dong-kee, dawng-, duhng- ]
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noun,plural don·keys.
  1. the domestic ass, Equus asinus.

  2. (since 1874) a representation of this animal as the emblem of the U.S. Democratic Party.

  1. a stupid, silly, or obstinate person.

  2. a woodworking apparatus consisting of a clamping frame and saw, used for cutting marquetry veneers.

  1. Machinery. auxiliary: donkey engine; donkey pump; donkey boiler.

Origin of donkey

First recorded in 1775–85; of uncertain origin; perhaps alteration of Dunkey, diminutive name or pet form of Duncan, man's name; perhaps a derivative of dun “dull, grayish brown”

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/ (ˈdɒŋkɪ) /

  1. Also called: ass a long-eared domesticated member of the horse family (Equidae), descended from the African wild ass (Equus asinus)

  2. a stupid or stubborn person

  1. British slang, derogatory a footballer known for his or her lack of skill: the players are a bunch of overpriced and overrated donkeys

  2. talk the hind leg(s) off a donkey to talk endlessly

Origin of donkey

C18: perhaps from dun dark + -key, as in monkey

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Cultural definitions for donkey


A symbol (see also symbol) of the Democratic party, introduced in a series of political cartoons by Thomas Nast during the congressional elections of 1874. (Compare elephant.)

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