donkey engine


a small auxiliary engine, such as one used for pumping water into the boilers of a steamship

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Examples from the Web for donkey engine

Historical Examples of donkey engine

  • Then, by means of a donkey-engine, the great valves could be drawn up and closed as before.

    Yule Logs


  • The porter was puffing like a donkey-engine, and mutiny was growing in his heart.

    Excuse Me!

    Rupert Hughes

  • It was all over in a moment, and without any noise that the thudding of the donkey-engine did not drown.

  • A donkey-engine was rumbling, a winch clattering, a capstan-pawl clanking.

    Alias The Lone Wolf

    Louis Joseph Vance

  • A windlass and a donkey-engine controlled the big rope which held us captive.

    Bunch Grass

    Horace Annesley Vachell