/ ˈdonəlɪ /


  1. DonnellyDeclan1975MBritishFILMS AND TV: presenter Declan . born 1975, British television presenter, who appears with Antony McPartlin as Ant and Dec

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Example Sentences

The focus is on “low-propensity voters who will not show up unless someone knocks on their door,” says Donnelly.

A Donnelly victory would have further divided the already-weak party.

Kashkari is trailing Donnelly in the polls by an average of six points.

Donnelly maintained that he had simply forgotten that he was carrying the gun until he went through the security checkpoint.

(Donnelly is himself trailing Brown by an incredible 36 points).

“There must have been some reason,” objects Donnelly, in italics.

A few of the Donnelly numbers, and the numbers of pages and of words on a page were used, and no others.

That Mr. Donnelly has made out a plausible and not unreasonable case, no one will deny.

No wonder Mr. Donnelly covered, with figuring, a bundle of paper that a man can scarcely lift.

Shakespeare did the lines and plot, Bacon furnished the cipher and Donnelly called attention to it through the papers.





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