[ don-uh-vuhn ]


  1. William Joseph Wild Bill, 1883–1959, U.S. lawyer and military officer: organizer and director of the OSS 1942–45.

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Example Sentences

Additional reports provided by the state to Godbold’s firm in December reveal that Donovan had the highest number of staff of all Department of Corrections facilities who were written up for failing to meet mask requirements and to social distance.

Donovan houses more than 3,500 people, and with over 1,000 confirmed cases, nearly one in three incarcerated people has tested positive for the virus.

Estrada and other families of incarcerated inmates have protested outside of Donovan three times.

Attorneys, including Godbold, Donovan staff and those incarcerated have been sounding the alarm since the start of the pandemic that an outbreak would be particularly deadly in the facility.

A little more than two months later, the Thunder promoted 35-year-old assistant coach Mark Daigneault, who had been the franchise’s G League coach for five seasons before joining Donovan on the bench last year.

Music journalist Joel Selwin annotates, with a preface by Donovan, a foreword by Jorma Kaukonen, and an afterword by John Poppy.

Even those who have been leading protests against the verdict have praised Donovan.

Donovan had been privately concerned that running statewide would hurt his standing back home.

A person claiming to be a TRN employee published a release on PR Newswire under the pseudonym ‘Mary Donovan’.

Back home in New Orleans, Donovan is reticent and Pleasant is reflective, but neither man fit in.

This insect comes very near to the P. teutonia of Godart and Donovan, particularly in its underside.

As Donovan described and figured this insect many years before Dr. Leach, his name has the right of priority.

Donovan, who was about six feet, looked like a giant beside them.

Donovan was trying to dry some pine-splinters to build a fire with by sitting on them.

With a single effort Donovan set him on his feet, and thrust him into the ring.





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