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[ dawr-bel, dohr- ]


  1. a bell chime, or the like, at a door or connected with a door, rung by persons outside wanting someone inside to open the door.

verb (used without object)

  1. to canvass or solicit from door to door, especially for votes or contributions.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of doorbell1

First recorded in 1805–15; door + bell 1

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Example Sentences

Domestic abusers are exploiting technology like never before, especially location-sharing tech, home cameras and smart doorbells.

From Ozy

An interconnected series of cameras may be overkill if you live in a small space, while a simple doorbell camera might not cover enough ground for you if your property is somewhat larger.

From a networked series of sensors and lights to simple doorbell cameras, anything that adds that extra level of protection can qualify.

Rebecca, 42, endured yet another form of tech abuse—involving a “smart” doorbell.

From Time

I grabbed my book, and was just settling into reading… when the doorbell rang.

From Fortune

“Upon our arrival I knocked on the front door several times and rang the doorbell with no answer,” Platt would report.

During Inside Llewyn Davis you just wish Davis had a warm coat and that someone would answer when he rings on their doorbell.

Deliverymen were asked not to ring the doorbell lest the noise disturb him.

Doorbell would ring, I would open the door, Luke would come in, we would bow at each other, he would say nothing.

Hearing the doorbell, a hesitant cleaner opened the door a crack to see who it was.

Young Taverney got out first, rang at a house doorbell, and returned to receive Andrea in his arms.

The name "Students' Hostel," written on a large poster placed at the gate, attracted my attention and I rang the doorbell.

In the construction of this doorbell it is best to purchase a small instrument known as the "tubaphone."

Somewhere in that evening before we retired, and after we had eaten, the doorbell rang and two men from Life Magazine appeared.

It was the front doorbell, and it meant the arrival of the engines.


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