[ dawr-uh, dohr-uh ]


  1. a female given name: from a Greek word meaning “gift.”

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Example Sentences

Dora is seen getting dressed as a mermaid by a cursor being manned by some omniscient game player.

The first two videos are teasers featuring two favorite cartoon characters for young girls, Dora the Explorer and Tinkerbell.

Local Christians who had lived in Dora for decades fled their homes rather than live under such harsh religious rule.

Dora would take photographs and then Picasso would scratch another image on [the glass slides].

Dora Lange was wearing a blindfold when she was discovered in a prayer position at the base of that tree.

There was a fierce fight in which Dora came off victorious, with a scratch or two on her face and a torn dress.

But when the snow does come, cried Dora Lockwood, if the pond is still frozen over, wont it be a great course?

Was he back in the palmetto clearing, standing in the moonlight with Dora, and exacting a promise from her which broke her heart?

Strange Miss Dora don't pay no 'tention, but is so wropp'd up in dem twins.

Dora thought her new acquaintance a funny one, but his friendly manner had made her feel cheerful again.