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[ duh-rah-doh ]
/ dəˈrɑ doʊ /

noun, plural do·ra·dos, (especially collectively) do·ra·do.

dolphin(def 2).


Cal, Golconda

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Origin of dorado

1595–1605; < Spanish < Late Latin deaurātus, past participle of deaurāre to gild. See de-, aurum, -ate1

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[ duh-rah-doh; for 1 also Spanish daw-rah-th aw ]
/ dəˈrɑ doʊ; for 1 also Spanish dɔˈrɑ ðɔ /

noun, genitive Do·ra·dus [duh-rah-duh s] /dəˈrɑ dəs/ for 2.

a city in N Puerto Rico.
the Swordfish, a small southern constellation between Volans and Horologium.

Origin of Dorado

From Spanish, dating back to 1595–1605; see origin at dorado

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El Dorado

[ el duh-rah-doh, -rey- or, Spanish, el daw-rah-th aw for 1, 2; el duh-rey-doh for 3, 4 ]
/ ˌɛl dəˈrɑ doʊ, -ˈreɪ- or, Spanish, ɛl dɔˈrɑ ðɔ for 1, 2; ˌɛl dəˈreɪ doʊ for 3, 4 /


a legendary treasure city of South America, sought by the early Spanish explorers.
any place offering great wealth.
a city in S Arkansas.
a town in S Kansas. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (dəˈrɑːdəʊ) /


another name for dolphin (def. 3)
a South American river fish of the genus Salminus that resembles a salmon

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/ (dəˈrɑːdəʊ) /

noun Latin genitive Doradus (dəˈrɑːdəs)

a constellation in the S hemisphere lying between Reticulum and Pictor and containing part of the Large Magellanic cloud

Word Origin for Dorado

C17: from Spanish, from dorar to gild, from Latin de- + -aurāre, from aurum gold

British Dictionary definitions for dorado (3 of 3)

El Dorado

/ (ɛl dɒˈrɑːdəʊ, Spanish ɛl doˈraðo) /


a fabled city in South America, rich in treasure and sought by Spanish explorers in the 16th century
Also: eldorado any place of great riches or fabulous opportunity

Word Origin for El Dorado

C16: from Spanish, literally: the gilded (place)
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Culture definitions for dorado

El Dorado

[ (el duh-rah-doh) ]

A place of fabulous wealth, or an opportunity to obtain it. During the gold rush many adventurers believed that California would be their El Dorado. The name comes from the name of a legendary South American city of stupendous riches sought by Spanish conquistadores.

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