or Do·sto·yev·sky, Do·sto·ev·ski, Do·sto·yev·ski, Do·stoi·ev·ski

[ dos-tuh-yef-skee, duhs-; Russian duh-stuh-yef-skyee ]

  1. Fyo·dor Mi·khai·lo·vich [fyoh-der mi-kahy-luh-vich; Russian fyaw-duhrmyi-khahy-luh-vyich], /ˈfyoʊ dər mɪˈkaɪ lə vɪtʃ; Russian ˈfyɔ dər myɪˈxaɪ lə vyɪtʃ/, 1821–81, Russian novelist.

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How to use Dostoevsky in a sentence

  • If Dostoevsky unintentionally laid the philosophical groundwork upon which Putin now stands, then Tolstoy offers the solution.

  • If Putin preferred Tolstoy over Dostoevsky, what a happier, more peaceful place Ukraine would be right now.

  • Dostoevsky used to groan that his poverty left him no time or chance to write his best as Tolstoy and Turgenev could write theirs.

    The Art of Letters | Robert Lynd
  • It seems impossible with many people to praise Dostoevsky without saying that he is greater than Tolstoy or Turgenev.

    The Art of Letters | Robert Lynd
  • He was not Swedish with the passionate, reverential love with which Dostoevsky was Russian.

    August Strindberg, the Spirit of Revolt | L. (Lizzy) Lind-af-Hageby
  • This is the eleventh volume in the first collected English edition of Dostoevsky's works.

  • No one, with the exception of Dostoevsky and Hauptmann, approaches him in unfolding the artless secrets of the childish heart.

    Iconoclasts | James Huneker

British Dictionary definitions for Dostoevsky


Dostoyevsky, Dostoevski or Dostoyevski

/ (ˌdɒstɔɪˈɛfskɪ, Russian dəstaˈjɛfskij) /

  1. Fyodor Mikhailovich (ˈfjɔdər miˈxajləvitʃ). 1821–81, Russian novelist, the psychological perception of whose works has greatly influenced the subsequent development of the novel. His best-known works are Crime and Punishment (1866), The Idiot (1868), The Possessed (1871), and The Brothers Karamazov (1879–80)

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