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double check



, Chess.
  1. a simultaneous check by two pieces in which the moving of one piece to give check also results in discovering a check by another piece.



[ duhb-uhl-chek ]

verb (used with or without object)

  1. to check twice or again; recheck.


  1. a second examination or verification to assure accuracy, proper functioning, or the like.



  1. to check twice or again; verify


  1. a second examination or verification
  2. chess a simultaneous check from two pieces brought about by moving one piece to give check and thereby revealing a second check from another piece

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Word History and Origins

Origin of double check1

An Americanism dating back to 1950–55

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Example Sentences

Finally, double check product dimensions to make sure that you’ve got the best pod coffee maker for your home or office.

Lastly, go outside and inspect the gutters – clean them and double check that they are sturdy and able to handle the fall leaves, or have covers that keep them from getting full from leaves.

Always double check the news about restrictions in a place before arriving, and if we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, it’s how to adapt on the fly and embrace change.

To double check that the changes weren’t occurring earlier in the development process, they also applied their approach to eggs, sperm, and zygotes and found they were of similar epigenetic ages to normal adult tissues.

Most under-desk treadmills can accommodate a range of heights and weights, but double check to make sure the treadmill you like is right for you.

Now, the Green Bay Packers quarterback is a Super Bowl champion, most valuable player, and State Farm Discount Double-Check guy.

(Double-check, actually, as the topic of Iran took up two of the four slots on the agenda).

I think that's what I've been told by experts in the past, will double-check.

To double-check, Taylor was winched out to carry out a physical search of the boat.

Then do it some more and become really good people—double check.

To double-check, he used the radius of the Galaxy as base to calculate the distance.

The crooked system of double-check tenders for timber limits must be altered.

But the troops in the centre were robbed of decisive victory by a double check on the wings.

"Check and double check on that, sir," Dawson said respectfully.

“Double check” means attacking the king at once with two pieces—one of the pieces in this case giving check by discovery.


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