double flat

  1. a symbol () that lowers the pitch of the note following it by two semitones.

  2. a note or tone marked or affected by such a symbol.

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How to use double flat in a sentence

  • What is the meaning of the sharps on the E and B line, and of a double-flat?

    Piano Playing | Josef Hofmann
  • (Sometimes also the single sharp or flat will be found by itself, cancelling the double-sharp or double-flat).

  • Next to Worksop Abbey, almost demolished; the church has a double flat tower entire, and a pretty gate.

  • As the single-flat lowers a note by a half-tone, so a double-flat lowers it by two half-tones or a full tone.

    Piano Playing | Josef Hofmann

British Dictionary definitions for double flat

double flat

  1. music

    • an accidental that lowers the pitch of the following note two semitones: Usual symbol:

    • a note affected by this accidental

  1. (postpositive) denoting a note of a given letter name lowered in pitch by two semitones

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