[ duhb-uh l-tuhngd ]
/ ˈdʌb əlˈtʌŋd /


deceitful; hypocritical.

Origin of double-tongued

1350–1400; Middle English dowble tungid

Definition for double-tongued (2 of 2)

[ duhb-uh l-tuhng ]
/ ˈdʌb əlˌtʌŋ /

verb (used without object), dou·ble-tongued, dou·ble-tongu·ing. Music.

to interrupt the wind flow by moving the tongue as if pronouncing t and k alternately, especially in playing rapid passages or staccato notes on a brass instrument.
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British Dictionary definitions for double-tongued (1 of 2)



deceitful or hypocritical in speech

British Dictionary definitions for double-tongued (2 of 2)


verb -tongues, -tonguing or -tongued

music to play (fast staccato passages) on a wind instrument by rapid obstruction and uncovering of the air passage through the lips with the tongueCompare single-tongue, triple-tongue

Derived forms of double-tongue

double tonguing, noun
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