/ ˈdʌbəlz /


  1. functioning as plural
    1. a game between two pairs of players, as in tennis, badminton, etc
    2. ( as modifier )

      a doubles player

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Example Sentences

Host and guest pop and lock on cardboard—the only proper surface for breakdancing—and in no way did they have dancing doubles.

The title of its final track doubles as a mission statement: “FunkNRoll.”

In Sierre Leone and Liberia, the CDC estimates that the number of cases doubles every 30 days and 24 days, respectively.

And in Copenhagen, BIG Architects are building a new incinerator that also doubles as a wintertime ski slope.

[Laughs] And there were no stunt doubles during that scene, but no one got hurt.

Fat Boy, our clarinetist who doubles on Martian horn-harp, made a feeble attempt at optimism.

A very attractive finish is to work a row of doubles in color, making a double in each treble.

As he doubles quickly, however, it is not so easy to catch him when overtaken: still, it can be done.

She's found out which way her bread was buttered, and means to come the doubles over Jack; but not quite so easy done, my girl.

The President appoints the 7th to be a day of humiliation and prayer, and Dr. Leyds doubles his bodyguard.





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