[ doo ]

  1. a river in E France, flowing into the Saône River. About 260 miles (420 km) long.

  2. a department in E France. 2,031 sq. mi. (5,260 sq. km). Capital: Besançon.

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How to use Doubs in a sentence

  • George Cuvier in the department of Doubs, which at that time belonged to Wrttemberg.

    The Last Link | Ernst Haeckel
  • Julien had already reached the bank of the Doubs where he dressed himself.

  • There is a view of them falling into the Doubs, after a series of cascades.

  • They were making for the town we now call Besançon—then, as now, strongly fortified, and nearly surrounded by the river Doubs.

    A Book of Discovery | Margaret Bertha (M. B.) Synge
  • At Mouthe (Doubs) there used to be brought to the church at Christmas pies, cakes, and other eatables, and wine of the best.

British Dictionary definitions for Doubs


/ (French du) /

  1. a department of E France, in Franche-Comté region. Capital: Besançon. Pop: 505 557 (2003 est). Area: 5258 sq km (2030 sq miles)

  2. a river in E France, rising in the Jura Mountains, becoming part of the border between France and Switzerland and flowing generally southwest to the Saône River. Length: 430 km (267 miles)

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