[ duhg-luhs ]


  1. Frederick, 1817–95, African American activist, abolitionist, author, and orator, born into slavery.
  2. a male given name.

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Example Sentences

Of the recommendations, Douglass said mental health resources and use-of-force policies should be the county’s top priorities.

Take a walk around historic downtown Douglass, which even has a park honoring the Dunes Resort founders who turned the area into an LGBTQ destination.

In Douglass and Washington Highlands, fewer than 300 people have.

Lincoln shared with Douglass, Oakes emphasizes, an abiding belief in the abolition movement’s core principle of fundamental human equality.

Douglass and Lincoln both hated slavery, but “they hated it in different ways,” as Oakes has cogently put it.

The first—and it turns out, only—stop was Douglass Academy, a new charter school in downtown Wilmington.

Under state law, charter schools must have at least 65 students enrolled, but Douglass Academy was well below that.

In the meantime, Douglass had pulled into a lower parking lot to start an 11 p.m.-to-7 a.m. shift.

Douglass was Medevaced to a hospital in Scranton, where he was stabilized.

That woman, an island hero, Betto Douglas, may have been a relative of the famous American abolitionist, Frederick Douglass.

Robert Douglass, Jr., for many years, has kept a study and gallery of painting and daguerreotype in the city of Philadelphia.

Mr. Douglass is highly respected as a citizen and gentleman in Rochester.

You know Frederick Douglass acted upon some such principle when his master attempted to whip him.

Captain Douglass thought, from the curve of the earth, that they could not be less than eighteen hundred feet in height.

Captain Douglass made observations for the latitude of the place, and determined it to be in north latitude 46 52 2.





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