[ doup ]

  1. the bottom, end, or butt of something.

  2. the buttocks.

Origin of doup

1505–15; compare Old Norse daup

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How to use doup in a sentence

  • O mickle yeuks the keckle doup,An' a' unsicker girns the graith, For wae and wae!

  • I dinna care the black afore my nails for ony skelp-doup o' the lot o' ye.

    David Elginbrod | George MacDonald

British Dictionary definitions for do up

do up

verb(adverb; mainly tr)
  1. to wrap and make into a bundle: to do up a parcel

  2. to cause the downfall of (a person)

  1. to beautify or adorn

  2. (also intr) to fasten or be fastened: this skirt does up at the back

  3. informal to renovate or redecorate

  4. slang to assault

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Other Idioms and Phrases with doup


Fasten up or put up; also, dress up. For example, Let's do up all the gifts in matching paper, or Please help me do up the collar button, or Jane did up her hair for the dance, or The children were all done up in their best outfits. [c. 1800]

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