[ doh-ver ]

  1. a seaport in eastern Kent, in southeastern England: point nearest the coast of France.

  2. Strait of Dover. French Pas de Calais. a strait between England and France, connecting the English Channel and the North Sea: least width 20 miles (32 kilometers).

  1. a city in and the capital of Delaware, in the central part.

  2. a city in southeastern New Hampshire.

  3. a town in northern New Jersey.

  4. a city in eastern Ohio.

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/ (ˈdəʊvə) /

  1. a port in SE England, in E Kent on the Strait of Dover: the only one of the Cinque Ports that is still important; a stronghold since ancient times and Caesar's first point of attack in the invasion of Britain (55 bc). Pop: 34 087 (2001)

  2. Strait of Dover a strait between SE England and N France, linking the English Channel with the North Sea. Width: about 32 km (20 miles): French name: Pas de Calais

  1. a city in the US, the capital of Delaware, founded in 1683: 18th-century buildings. Pop: 32 808 (2003 est)

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