[ duhv-teyld ]
/ ˈdʌvˌteɪld /

adjective Heraldry.

noting a partition line or a charge, as an ordinary, having a series of indentations suggesting dovetails.

Origin of dovetailed

First recorded in 1715–25; dovetail + -ed3

Definition for dovetailed (2 of 2)

[ duhv-teyl ]
/ ˈdʌvˌteɪl /

noun Carpentry.

a tenon broader at its end than at its base; pin.
a joint formed of one or more such tenons fitting tightly within corresponding mortises.

verb (used with or without object)

Carpentry. to join or fit together by means of a dovetail or dovetails.
to join or fit together compactly or harmoniously.

Origin of dovetail

First recorded in 1555–65; so named from its shape


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British Dictionary definitions for dovetailed

/ (ˈdʌvˌteɪl) /


a wedge-shaped tenon
Also called: dovetail joint a joint containing such tenons


(tr) to join by means of dovetails
to fit or cause to fit together closely or neatlyhe dovetailed his arguments to the desired conclusion
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