[ doun-riv-er ]


  1. with or in the direction of the current of a river:

    logs floating downriver.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of downriver1

First recorded in 1885–90; down 1 + river 1

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Example Sentences

She’s the last boat to run the rapid, and those of us on the downriver side watch wide-eyed as she manages to right her raft and liberate it from the rapid’s hold.

So, for efficient access to dirt, we drive two miles east then pedal a mile of the Greenway downriver, past warehouses and along the edge of a modest neighborhood to Morningside Park.

Across the train tracks and downriver from Newblock, the Canes was another area of interest.

The rope breaks and Farquhar swims downriver and into a forest, and from there he begins a journey back to his wife and his home.

They made it in a heavy downriver gale with an accompaniment of slashing rain that soaked every one to the skin.

I scouted around amongst them, found a good canoe, took three black men and set out downriver.

Umas-kwitšit-patše's people went back downriver to Selye'aye'-kumitše.

Once more, he looked at the iron cliffs opposite him, then glanced downriver.

Before the sun had risen very high they had entered the mouth of Buffalo and were going downriver at a good pace.





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