/ daʊnz /


  1. any of various ranges of low chalk hills in S England, esp the South Downs in Sussex
  2. a roadstead off the SE coast of Kent, protected by the Goodwin Sands



/ daʊnz /

plural noun

  1. Also calleddownland rolling upland, esp in the chalk areas of S Britain, characterized by lack of trees and used mainly as pasture
  2. a flat grassy area, not necessarily of uplands
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Example Sentences

His ups and downs professionally outside of the World Cup are a vital a part of his story in the book.

But of course dude's had his ups and downs—it's been 15 years.

Clendon said bags were not checked “and there were no pat-downs” when people entered the club.

Legislative ups and downs are not new to the 52-year-old Munoz.

The last five years of his life were characterized by the pattern of ups and downs familiar to many addicts.

Our friend, North Binner Downs, is better than paying cost, but very little.

Now it appears that the heating of Binner Downs 300 surface feet gave a saving of 6000 lbs.

This would give for the Binner Downs engine, with a 70-inch cylinder, 10-inch stroke, 11 lbs.

Chalton Downs is the ideal tract of country for so heart-stirring an encounter.

Underneath the broad terrace, from which troops could defend the battlements, stood a row of storerooms and go-downs.





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