1. located at, moving toward, or of or for the middle or lower end of a social or economic scale: The discount store caters mainly to downscale customers.
  2. plain, practical, or inexpensive; not luxurious: downscale clothing.
verb (used with object), down·scaled, down·scal·ing.
  1. downsize(def 1).
  2. to make less luxurious or expensive.

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adjective (ˌdaʊnˈskeɪl)
  1. of or for the lower end of an economic or social scale; down-market
verb (ˈdaʊnˌskeɪl)
  1. (tr) to reduce the scale of
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1945, American English, from down (adv.) + scale (v.). From 1966 as an adjective.

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