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[ uh-fawr-duh-buhl ]


  1. that can be afforded; believed to be within one's financial means:

    attractive new cars at affordable prices.


  1. Usually affordables. items, expenses, etc., that one can afford:

    a variety of affordables for your gift list.

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Other Words From

  • af·forda·bili·ty noun
  • af·forda·bly adverb
  • unaf·forda·bili·ty noun
  • unaf·forda·ble adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of affordable1

First recorded in 1865–70; afford + -able

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Example Sentences

To that end, Foundry is launching operations in places with affordable and abundant power, including Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and upstate New York.

From Fortune

Imagine you’re a user looking for “affordable bikes” as a search term.

His election will move forward the fight to provide affordable healthcare for all and economic and judicial equality.

Desert Control is currently working on scaling up its production operations and bringing LNC’s costs down, hoping to ultimately make the product affordable to farmers in low-income countries.

It was about this display of affordable abundance available to American consumers.

The Affordable Care Act is safely embedded, with repeal unlikely even with a freshly minted Republican Senate.

And they also expect those products to remain affordable and taste great.

Jonathan Gruber, the economist who helped design Romneycare and the Affordable Care Act, falls on his sword before Congress.

The borough officially became the least affordable place to live in America.

The Affordable Care Act was always a short-term political loser with respect to middle-class voters.

And never were books published at more affordable prices than today.

A future of hope and opportunity requires that all our citizens have affordable and available health care.

Changing the tax code is a vital and necessary step to making health care affordable for more Americans.

We share a common goal: making health care more affordable and accessible for all Americans.

We make basic health insurance affordable for all low-income people not now covered.


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More About Affordable

What does affordable mean?

If something is affordable, it means its price is low enough that you (or most people) have enough money to buy it.

Affordable is the adjective form of the verb afford. If you can afford something, you have enough money to pay for it. Much less commonly, affordable can be used as a noun meaning an item that one can afford.

Example: Rachel wants to buy a luxury car, but with her budget I think she should consider a more affordable option.

Where does affordable come from?

Affordable comes from the much older word afford, which derives from the Old English geforthian, meaning “to further” or “to accomplish.” The suffix -able makes it an adjective.

The verb afford can be used in many situations, and not just those involving money, as in We can’t afford to lose another player to injuries. But affordable always relates to how much something costs. If something is affordable, it is within your financial means, meaning your income level. A lot of people set a budget to determine what is affordable at a certain time. Of course, what’s affordable for one person may not be affordable for another.

Affordable is often used by marketers and advertisers when they want to emphasize that something is being offered at a low price or a price that’s lower than normal, such as during a sale. It is also often used in phrases like affordable housing to indicate that a price level has been set so that it doesn’t exceed what people are able to pay.

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What are some other forms related to affordable?

  • afford (verb)
  • affordability (noun)
  • affordably (adverb)

What are some synonyms for affordable?

What are some words that share a root or word element with affordable?

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How is affordable used in real life?

Affordable is almost always used in the context of how much something costs or how much one is able to pay. It is often used in advertising to indicate that a product has a low price.



Try using affordable!

Is affordable used correctly in the following sentence?

For many people, a vacation simply isn’t affordable in this economy.

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