[ ek-uh-nom-i-kuhl, ee-kuh- ]
/ ˌɛk əˈnɒm ɪ kəl, ˌi kə- /


avoiding waste or extravagance; thrifty: an economical meal; an economical use of interior space.

Origin of economical

First recorded in 1570–80; economic + -al1

synonym study for economical

1. See frugal.

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British Dictionary definitions for economical

/ (ˌiːkəˈnɒmɪkəl, ˌɛkə-) /


using the minimum required; not wasteful of time, effort, resources, etcan economical car; an economical style
frugal; thriftyshe was economical by nature
euphemistic deliberately withholding information (esp in the phrase economical with the truth)
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