[ in-kuhm ]
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  1. revenue received for goods or services, or from other sources, as rents or investments: For years, her only source of income was the small number of stocks her father left her.

  2. the money, or amount of money, received from one’s employment: a household with three incomes;a healthcare worker with an income that hasn’t increased in five years.

  1. something that comes in as an addition or increase, especially by chance.

  2. Archaic. a coming in.

Origin of income

First recorded in 1250–1300; Middle English: literally, “that which has come in,” noun use of incomen (past participle of incomen “to come in”), Old English incuman; see in, come

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  • in·come·less, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for income


/ (ˈɪnkʌm, ˈɪnkəm) /

  1. the amount of monetary or other returns, either earned or unearned, accruing over a given period of time

  2. receipts; revenue

  1. rare an inflow or influx

Origin of income

C13 (in the sense: arrival, entrance): from Old English incumen a coming in

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Cultural definitions for income


The amount of money received during a period of time in exchange for labor or services, from the sale of goods or property, or as a profit from financial investments.

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