[ prahys ]
/ praɪs /
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verb (used with object), priced, pric·ing.
to fix the price of.
to ask or determine the price of: We spent the day pricing furniture at various stores.
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Idioms about price

    at any price, at any cost, no matter how great: Their orders were to capture the town at any price.
    beyond / without price, of incalculable value; priceless: The crown jewels are beyond price.

Origin of price

First recorded in 1175–1225; (noun) Middle English pris(e), from Old French, Latin pretium “price, value, worth” (cf. precious); (verb) late Middle English prisen, from Middle French prisier, derivative of pris,Old French as above; see prize2, praise

synonym study for price

1, 4. Price, charge, cost, expense refer to outlay or expenditure required in buying or maintaining something. Price is used mainly of single, concrete objects offered for sale; charge, of services: What is the price of that coat? There is a small charge for mailing packages. Cost is mainly a purely objective term, often used in financial calculations: The cost of building a new annex was estimated at $10,000. Expense suggests cost plus incidental expenditure: The expense of the journey was more than the contemplated cost. Only charge is not used figuratively. Price, cost, and sometimes expense may be used to refer to the expenditure of mental energy, what one “pays” in anxiety, suffering, etc.


price·a·ble, adjectivepre·price, verb (used with object), pre·priced, pre·pric·ing; nounre·price, verb, re·priced, re·pric·ing.well-priced, adjective

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[ prahys ]
/ praɪs /

Bruce, 1845–1903, U.S. architect.
(Edward) Reynolds, 1933–2011, U.S. novelist.
(Mary) Le·on·tyne [lee-uhn-teen], /ˈli ənˌtin/, born 1927, U.S. soprano.
a male given name.
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British Dictionary definitions for price

/ (praɪs) /

verb (tr)

Derived forms of price

pricer, noun

Word Origin for price

C13 pris, from Old French, from Latin pretium price, value, wage
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